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Magellan Holdings, LLC


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Mr. McGregor has over 30 years experience, degreed, experienced in new creative (1.0) and existing global software & system development while continuing to create first-in-class solutions. Intellectual property defense through dozens granted patents with numerous successful patent litigations. Inventor of Pre-Paid Wireless and large multi-protocol Internet distributed networking infrastructure systems with over 20 million subscriber mobile applications. Mr. McGregor invented, built and deployed pre-paid wireless through Europe in the 1990s (pay n go) resulting in many countries predominantly continuing that model today.

Key Talent

Mr. McGregor has an innate ability to understand a concept and make it a reality regardless of scale or size. Mr. McGregor brings with him the best of the best engineering and business talent from decades of work. Your concept, your reality.

Current Projects

Mr. McGregor and his team are currently working at Magellan Holdings LLC on the following projects: